Model Production




Design (belonging to company)

Our experienced design team has provided us with an important advantage since our establishment. Our team has always enjoyed enjoying superior design talent at every point, from every style, from classical styles for everyday use to designs with progressive lines drawing on all sorts of things, never to leave the stream of fashion.

Modelhouse (belonging to company)

Our modelist group of experienced and experienced people working in DoraModa has proven many times in succession in the models they produce every time they have succeeded in correct understanding of correct mold, correct model, correct material, reaction to give fabric. Every model that comes out of the model comes out of a professional workmanship.

Cutting (Firmaya and Fason)

The cuttings are ready after the fabric collects from the model house are passed through all necessary controls. The expert slaughterhouse staff becomes quite easy thanks to the superior technology used in their work. Nowadays, when cutting is a technology product, Doramoda has achieved cutting standards in the best quality systems in the world.

Washing (Firmaya and Fason)

Some of the roots of Doramoda are based on the textile washing sector. We have 3000m² of washing space already in our possession and it belongs to us for more than 15 years. Doramoda has successfully accomplished this quality from its long and deep washing history since its first day of crafting to reflect on its customers for every product.

Packaging (Subcontract)

The products that leave behind the washing phase are brought to our packaging department for packing. It is carefully passed here at all stages foreseen to be applied in world standards. When it is understood that there is no problem with these products made of iron, the packing process is carried out by strictly observing all the criteria that our customers desire.


Shipment is also of great importance as the packaging of the products is washed at least. It is no different from an unacceptable fiasco for a prestigious, prestigious manufacturer to shade this stage in the last stage, which has been carried out perfectly to the last stage. Doramoda has proved itself to be a prestigious, prestigious manufacturer in this area since the day it was established.