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Doramoda, which has gone through every stage of production with the experience of the company partners for more than 30 years in the sector, officially came to life at the beginning of 2011 in the 1000m² manufacturing and 3000m² washing area.

Doramoda has taken its place in the foreign market with strong and determination in a short time, thanks to the deep-rooted experiences of each individual in its staff. With its ever-increasing customer satisfaction and production capacity, it has managed to come to the present day with solid and confident steps. Our company has added KM Tekstil’s production area of ​​approximately 10.000 m2 to its progress and increased its capacity further and started to serve larger companies by obtaining Sedex and Inditex certificates. In order to be able to exist even more effectively in foreign markets, it opened its own office and showroom in Canada and created its own brand, Doree Design, with the awareness of the importance of branding and presented it to foreign markets. Since its establishment, customer satisfaction has always been at the forefront.

Doramoda, which has always made the use of quality production methods, environmental awareness, and using high technology in production a part of its strategy, sees it as a principle to offer the quality service it provides to its customers without delay.

Doramoda, always looking forward, being aware of every movement of the sector, following new designs and sectoral developments, continues its development without interruption thanks to this strategy. With its superior service quality, it is getting stronger day by day and spreading in the world market without compromising its vision.

  • Always seeking the best, reliable and quality production methods,
  • Adhering to the principles of quality, control and continuity at all times,
  • To grow steadily and create employment with firm steps,
  • To continuously accelerate our globalization process,
  • Registering at every opportunity how reliable and quality structure we have as DoraModa,
  • Doramoda has adopted a structure that is aware of the importance of a principled progress and will never lose its loyalty to these principles..

As a company that has adopted quality as a principle, it is among the areas where we focus on quality control. For us, the aesthetics and quality of a product are made possible by the combination of every touch on it.

A mistake that will occur in a single stage of our production, without exception, is of vital importance to us. Therefore, every product we produce must be complete, accurate, complete and perfect. This understanding is one of the most important reasons underlying DoraModa’s success.

DoraModa acts with the importance of employment and the responsibility of raising qualified personnel, which is a part of growth. To join the DoraModa family, please fill out the form below and share your personal information and professional CV with us.

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