complete, accurate, perfect ...

Within the Doramoda experienced staff and designer in our group right mold of eminent persons in Turkey the right model, the right materials, the success on the correct understanding of the response of the fabric to be once more the model they produce each have proven many times. Every model that comes out of our model carries the texture of a professional craftsmanship.

Products that leave the washing phase behind are brought to our packaging department for packaging. Here, all stages that are stipulated to be implemented by world standards are carefully passed. When it is understood that these ironed products have no problem, all the criteria requested by our customers are meticulously followed by the packaging process.

The fabric balls coming from the model shop are ready for cutting after passing all the necessary controls. The work of our expert slaughterhouse personnel becomes very easy thanks to the superior technology used. Doramoda has achieved cutting standards at par with the best systems in the world today, where cutting is now a technology product.

We are producing with our 3000m2 sewing production and 250 personnel. The production process continues using the latest technology.

The shipment is as important as the packaging and washing of the products. To overshadow these stages, which have been carried out perfectly until the very last stage, is no different than an unacceptable fiasco for a principled, prestigious producer. Doramoda has repeatedly proved that it is a prestigious and principled manufacturer in this field as well since its establishment.