An Environment-Friendly Production Approach

Our basic understanding is to leave an environmentally sensitive production concept, to leave a livable world to future generations and to produce with the awareness that the world does not belong only to us, but that our world is the home of all living things.

In this framework, in the production stages;

  • Our main goal is to eliminate and minimize the damages that can be given to the environment caused by production by carrying out effective environmental policies.
  • We carry out the necessary studies to minimize the CO2 emissions caused by our activities, and we monitor our carbon footprint by measuring it with regular measurements.
  • With sustainable technology practices, we reduce the amount of emission caused by heating.
  • Our waste water expenditures are treated in our treatment facilities with legally determined values, with the necessary permits.
  • Our wastes are separated as hazardous / non-hazardous and processed or disposed of in licensed recycling facilities.
  • We work with proactive and participatory approaches with the goal of zero work accidents and occupational diseases in terms of physical, mental and social development and harmony of our employees. Occupational health and safety activities that will provide a healthy and safe working environment are carried out in accordance with the legal regulations with the participation of all our employees.
  • We attach importance to the necessary training studies with both our employees and the companies we cooperate with, and we ensure continuity in our training activities with the understanding of continuous training.